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Remembered Live

Jud Strunk, Remembered Live, and the Coplin Kitchen Band
at the Winter’s Inn, Kingfield Maine, 1978


  1. Down and Out in Bangor
  2. Look Away Dixieland
  3. Down and Out in Bangor
  4. Look Away Dixieland
  5. I Went to Louisiana
  6. The White Swan
  7. Semi-Reformed Tequila-Crazed Gypsy Looks Back
  8. Chicken Gumbo
  9. Daisy A Day
  10. Horse Stories I
  11. Horse Stories II
  12. Down East View Point
  13. Prelude
  14. When I Get It Right
  15. Back To Houston
  16. Driving With My Knees
  17. Kiln-Dried Hardwood Teeth
  18. The Best Part of Leaving Is Going Home
  19. Daisy A Day (Original)

Stage & Studio Cuts

Tracks are recorded from vinyl and have the sound of an era gone by


  1. Downeast View Point
  2. The Runaway
  3. Self eating Watermelon
  4. Mr. Bojangles
  5. David’s Place
  6. Lions in the Park
  7. Daisy a Day
  8. Bill Jones’ General Store
  9. Time with Myself
  10. Gordon Hall’s Plane
  11. Pockets For Memories
  12. Fool On My Shoulder
  13. Chicken Gumbo
  14. Boone’s Farm Wine
  15. Big Flood
  16. Santa’s Got a Motoski
  17. Christmas Tree